My name is Alisandra Brewer, and I am an Instructional Technology Consultant for Sonoma State University. I also teach courses at Santa Rosa Junior College and for SSU's Extended Ed Program. You can find my resume here.


This is the cutest puppy!

And now she's all grown up!

This is our baby, Siena Rosalyn Zoom at 10 weeks and 9 months

Check out Siena's webpage at!

Our Gardens from the Sonoma County Fair

2001 - California Gold Rush
2002 - Under the Sea
2003 - African Odyssey
2004 - The Gardens of Camelot
2005 - Floral Fiesta (South America)
2007 - Snoopy and Friends
2008 - Red, White and Bloom (New England)
2009 - The Garden Time Forgot - Dinosaurs!!

The Wedding Page

Bruce and I got married in June, 1999! We've got the pictures and other good stuff here.

Bruce and I spent a week in May, 1998 in beautiful Nuevo Vallarta - Check it out!
We also vacationed in Cancun - during Hurricane Mitch (October, 1998)!


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