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Just click on these links to find some cool free stuff, not-so-free stuff, information and demos on the internet:

(disclaimer: I provide these links as a service to my students and workshop attendees. I make no warranty as to the quality of these companies. I do not own, administrate or otherwise have anything to do with any of the following sites.)

Photoshop Stuff
DTP Stuff
Director Stuff
Free downloads and updates & On-line Tutorials
For Macintosh Lovers

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Cool Stuff for Photoshop

Santa Rosa JC Photoshop Team - Links to more PhotoShop sites.
The Action Xchange! - A great collection of Goodies for Photoshop 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 (CS). Not just Actions anymore! Includes Brushes, Styles, and more! Everyone who uses Photoshop should bookmark this site!
Photoshop Resources - A list of even more Photoshop sites.
Photoshop Tips - More Photoshop tips from Wacom, the maker of graphics tablets.
Photoshop Paradise - Tips & Techniques, more Links, Books and Filters & Plug-ins.
Hands-On Training by Doc OZone - Free tutorials on a variety of Photoshop subjects.
The Design and Publishing Center - Design, typography, graphics, etc.! Including Photoshop 911.
Photoshop Tip of the Week - A cool new effect each week (or month) by photographer Carl Volk.
Planet Photoshop - "The Ultimate Photoshop Site." Photoshop Tutorials, links to plug-ins, actions, color calibration.
Photoshop - Related Third-Party Plug-ins - The Adobe Store's own list of Third Party vendors (for most Adobe products).
Laurie McCanna's Page of Photoshop Tips - Dozens of Photoshop tips.
Flaming Pear Software - Makers of some wonderful free and shareware filters. BladePro is an excellent filter that combines textures with bevels and mirrorlike reflections. Web folks need this one. Check out Lunar Cell, too.
Corel Corporation - The latest owner of Bryce and KPT.
ANK Fonts, Photoshop and Stuff - Free fonts, graphics, and Photoshop techniques. A little annoying because of the pop-up windows.
The Photoshop Zone - Reviews of almost every existing Photoshop book at the Photoshop Zone.

DTP Toolkit

Extensis - PageTools, PhotoTools and more add-ons to our favorite apps, including Photoshop, PageMaker, Quark Xpress and more. - DTP-related news, reviews, message boards, and more.
PageLab - Online supplement to Before&After magazine features animation-enhanced discussions of design-related technical issues. - "The ultimate web builder's reference. Where Web Developers and Designers Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in Java and JavaScript, and More!" Really useful information, tips, tricks, tutorials, hot links and more for web tools. Includes some good Photoshop techniques.

Cool Stuff for Director

Macromedia Director - Director's Home page from the manufacturer.
The QTVR Tutorial Site - contains information about how to use Apple's QuickTime VR with Director and on the www.
Update Stage - Information and Xtras for Director Developers.
Director Web - "DirWeb is for the legions of Macromedia Director users/abusers, die-hard fans of the ultimate multimedia authoring tool in this or any other universe. Content is free, dynamic, bannerless, and subtly opinionated."
Director Demystified - the online companion to Jason Robert's book on Director featuring code, files and other support materials.


If you download fonts, make sure you get the correct flavor - Mac or Windows!

Handwriting Fonts - you can convert your own handwriting!
Cool Fonts - really nice fonts for reasonable prices.


To save a graphic displayed on the screen, click on the graphic (right mouse in Windows) until the Save Image As... or Download Image... menu command shows on the screen - don't use the File Save menu!

Examples of Former SRJC Students' Work - Web Graphics - The students enrolled in Web Graphics CIS 58.51A/B are required to create 2 mock-up Web sites. Here is their work.

Art Today - "Royalty free images licensed from the world's best photo, clip-art, and font sources." For a very reasonable yearly subscription.
The ClipArt Connection - Completely Free!
Digital Blasphemy - Hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers, animated windows, startup screens, screen savers, tutorials on making your own 3d art, and links to some of the best computer art sites on the web.
Visual Paradox Wallpaper - original free 3D rendered wallpaper updated weekly.
PictureQuest - Stock photography from 60 leading providers, including The Image Bank and FPG International, and the highest quality royalty free images and CD-ROM titles from Digital Vision and many others. PictureQuest offers free access, natural language searching, instant downloading, free lightboxes, and free photo research.
PhotoSphere - royalty free stock images.
PhotoDisc - royalty-free digital stock photography.
Fotosearch Stock Photography - Searches over 50 stock photography vendors and offers electronic downloads or CDs of images or footage clips.
Ambient Creations - "A new digital image provider that allows you to quickly and easily search, download and buy royalty-free stock images."
Tony Stone Images - "Tony Stone Images is the world's leading supplier of contemporary photography - endlessly probing the globe in search of the singular, the new and the amazing."
Royalty Free - An online Stock Photography agency. Serving Graphic Designers, Advertising Agencies, Web Designers, Publishers and other Communications Specialists Worldwide.
Eyeview - Photography, Illustration, Clip Art, Motion, Audio, Type, Software, Books & More. Recently acquired by

Free downloads and updates

Adobe Customer First - updates for Adobe products, Mac & Windows, including Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, InDesign, and PageMaker.

On-line Tutorials

Adobe's Customer Service - tips & techniques from the experts on using Adobe's products!
Tutorials from Creation Engine - Creation Engine is a seller of Educational software. This is a page with over 500 tutorials for Adobe, Macromedia and much, much more!

For Macintosh Lovers

Mac Owners don't just own a tool, they genuinely love their machines! Great places to go for software information, shareware, and updates!

Macintouch - The original Mac news and Information page. Very useful daily updates. Bruce has it set as his home page. - mirrors of great MacOS software sites
VersionTracker - This is where the software is. Lots of downloads of freeware, shareware, betas, demos, updates, and commercials software for OS9 and OSX.
MacAssistant Tips & Tutorials - "I am providing this site to be a source of Macintosh tutorials to help everyone become a little more familiar with those wonderful machines sitting on your desk." Full of Tutorials, Tips, and other good info.
Mac OS X Hints - A website dedicated to sharing Hints, Tips, and other good info about Mac OS X.
AppleInsider - Insider News and Rumors
Insanely Great Mac Home Page - News, information, updates and good deals for Mac Lovers.'s Mac OS Tip of the Day - has a lot of great Mac info, including a new Tip of the Day every day!
MacInstruct - "The Place to Learn About Your Mac" Lots of on-line tutorials for all sorts of Mac things.
MacReviewZone - At this site you will find links to all online hardware reviews by MacAddict, MacHomeJournal, MacWeek and Macworld.
MacAddict Magazine - the online site for the award-winning magazine.
ZD Net Macintosh Shareware Download Site
Apple's OSX Keyboard Shortcut Guide - Apple's own guide to keyboard shortcuts for OSX.
Magical Macintosh Key Sequences - All the magic key sequences to make your Mac do various things.
Mac OS and Windows Keyboard Equivalents - A listing of Mac vs. Windoze keyboard equivalents.
ClaireWare Software - "a small software company run by Michael F. Kamprath. It is dedicated to bringing to the market quality MacOS shareware that everybody can find useful." Including some very good shareware utilities.

Support the Little Guy! Pay Your Shareware Fees!

Education Sites

The Apple Learning Interchange - The online resource for teaching, learning, research, and collaboration. This is the place for educators interested in professional development, creating and sharing curriculum resources, and building a worldwide community of people committed to finding even better ways to teach with technology.
Federal Resources For Educational Excellence - Hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government are now easier to find.
MERLOT - Search this collection of learning modules, papers, tutorials and tools for things you can use in your own classes. Be sure to add your own resources too!


MACWORLD Expo San Francisco, January, 2005 - Moscone Convention Center
The largest Mac-focused event on the West Coast. I highly recommend it for Mac enthusiasts.

Seybold Convention San Francisco - September, 2004. Seybold is a free expo (if you pre-register - check the website) at Moscone Center each September. The Conference costs and has many useful sessions for designers and publishers. It is "a complete educational resource and laboratory for today and tomorrow's publishing industry." It highlights pre-press and Web development.

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