Much Hard Work Is Going Into Getting the Ranch
Ready for the Big Event!

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 Among our many tasks have been:

Digging out the back retaining wall
(kinda looks like an ad, doesn't it?)

Bruce helps get the deck near completion

Jim sets some final screws

The men work on the front porch...

...while the women get some real work done!


Alisandra gets the old paint off of the pumphouse

Siena cleans up the pasture

Tasha likes her new deck

Scott levels the back yard in a big way...

And Bruce works on the finishing touches

Geti & Alisandra have been friends for 17 years

Casey sticks to easier chores - like helping to keep the invitations from getting away

A new lawn and some finishing touches.

Judy is a wiz with a paintbrush

Patricia creates an artistic garden

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apb 30 May, 1999