Alisandra Patricia Brewer
Bruce Richard Mossberg

June 5, 1999

In case you don't know this stuff about them, here's a little background:

Alisandra is the daughter of Patricia and James Brewer of Petaluma and Edward Berey of Cotati. She is a 33-year-old Instructional Technology Consultant for Sonoma State University and also teaches Computer Science classes (specialty: Photoshop) for Santa Rosa Junior College. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

Bruce is the son of Douglas and Judy Mossberg of Rohnert Park. He is a 37-year-old Multimedia Productions Consultant, working part-time for himself and part-time for Sonoma State University.

Their current (and future) address is:
518 Hewitt St.
Santa Rosa, CA.

How they met:
Bruce and Alisandra met when she started working for his employer back in 1993. He was repairing Mac computers and she was hired to sell them. Alisandra broke her rule of never going out with a co-employee. One night, a month and a half after she started, they stayed late at work playing a brand-new game called Myst. After an evening of arguing and two bottles of wine, they decided maybe they really did like each other. Two weeks later, Bruce invited Alisandra to the Old Vic for a pint or two. They spent most of the night talking and discovering how much they had in common. Within a month they were spending all of their time together. Soon they shared a tiny little apartment (don't tell the landlord) in Santa Rosa. In June of 1996, they bought a "fixer-upper" in Santa Rosa - a house that needed some TLC. After remodeling the kitchen and reovering the original hardwood floors in the living room, the house has been transformed into something of which they are very proud.

How they got engaged:
Alisandra won a trip to Puerto Vallarta at a nightclub (OK, she's pretty lucky about winning trips). Bruce & Ali had a much-needed vacation at the Club Marival on the gorgeous beaches of Nuevo Vallarta in May of 1998. On the last day there, as they walked down the beach, Bruce stopped and wrote in the sand: Will Ali marry Bruce? She, of course, wrote back "yes."

Their wedding is set for June 5, 1999 at The Brewer Ranch west of Petaluma, California. The ceremony will be officiated by the bride's father, Rev. Edward Berey. A reception will be held immediately following.

The Bride has chosen her sisters, Rachael Berey and Sara Brewer as her honored attendants. The Groom has chosen his brothers, Jeff Mossberg and Danny Mossberg as his honored attendants.

The couple's dear friends are providing invaluable help before and during the wedding:
Susan Baur will be the TechDiva, maintaining the electronic guestbook and getting photos onto the web during the event.
Paul Wilshire and Nancy Loudon are very good photographers and have agreed to take photos during and after the ceremony.
If the bride actually manages to pull her personal effects together (like a dress!) it will be thanks to the efforts of Cailyn Quigley.
Cathy & Marlon Housman and Joel Quigley will be on-hand during the event to make sure things happen when and as they should.

Our deepest thanks and love to these special people!

Musical selections for the ceremony include special music composed and played by Alisandra's brother, Adam Berey.

The wedding cake will be a special creation by Patricia Brewer.

The couple plans to honeymoon in Europe. You can reach Alisandra and Bruce at or

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