The Wedding Shower Secret

We're throwing a party for Ali and Bruce,
To celebrate two Aces becoming a Deuce.

There are two types of gifts that they really do need,
If you want some ideas then continue to read.

We're providing a wheelbarrow and a nice cedar chest
To fill with your gifts for their yard and their nest.

They're registered at Macy's,
So if there you should go,
You'll find lots of things that create a trousseau.

At Home Depot they're registered, too, so go look
For things to improve every cranny and nook.

To this pre-wedding shower we hope that you'll come,
The party's no secret; on the gifts, please stay mum

Kathy & Cailyn

Please email Cailyn at
1. RSVP by 5.20.99
2. Your Favorite Anecdote about Ali & Bruce (for the trivia game)
3. If you want to bring an appetizer or salad
4. You can call Cailyn 545.4765 or Kathy 575.8275 if you have questions!

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